Our team not only specializes in cleaning many different types of carpets and rugs, but we also provide customers with the ability to have their upholstery cleaned. As home owners ourselves we are aware of how difficult it can be to live with dirty furniture and curtains throughout the house, especially if you have children and pets. If you leave your upholstery dirty for long enough you will find that you’ll have to replace all of your furniture due to overwhelming odors that seem to stick into the fabric. Instead of paying to refurnish your whole home, our team will take care of every piece of upholstery that you have and make sure that it’s restored to its original condition.

All about Upholstery Cleaning

It’s an inevitable thing for upholstery to get dirty, whether from hair, oil, dirt, and/or dust.

Even if you cook certain types of food throughout the year unpleasant odors can seep into the fabric and never go away. It is important that you have your upholstered furniture cleaned regularly but the majority of home owners simply don’t know how to do it properly without chancing damage to the material. We will liven up the fabrics on every piece of furniture that you have for a substantially smaller cost than replacing everything in your home.

Our Offered Cleaning Services

When it comes to upholstery cleaning, we understand how important it is to protect the integrity of your furniture which is why we use organic and eco-friendly products to make sure that your home is not only thoroughly cleansed but safe as well.

Using regular chemicals with harmful toxins will not only leave an unclean residue behind, but it also creates an unsafe environment for children and pets. We offer advanced technologies and highly trained professional cleaners to remove any stains, eliminate any odors, and boost the appearance of your furniture. We also help to make sure that couches, armchairs, sectionals, and mattresses are cleaned as well.

Working with Different Fabrics

Every home has a variety of fabrics on different pieces of furniture. For example, you may have microfiber on your couch but wool on a chair that you purchased from a specialty catalog.

Instead of offering one cleaning method for every fabric, we customize our cleaning plan to cater to the specific materials that you have in the home. Some of the many materials that we work with include: microfiber, velvet, tapestry, handmade materials, leather, silk, machine made materials, and more.It is our duty to make sure that your home is returned to its original condition and this is why we offer such an extensive list of cleaning services that you can take advantage of. Making sure that your furniture looks and smells its best is not only important for your family to feel comfortable but it also helps to bring a new appeal to your home, especially if you are putting it on the market to sell. Call us today to find more information about our cleaning services and what we can offer you!

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